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Laser Basics

The PicoWay system has four true picosecond wavelengths, 1064, 785, 730 and 532 nm approved for indications ranging from tattoo removal to

Laser Basics

The demand for dermatological treatments for those with skin of color is increasing simply because this patient demographic is growing rapidly.

Business Essentials

Nobody denies that aesthetic medical devices are a significant investment.

Business Essentials

The manufacturers of medical lasers spend millions of dollars researching and innovating their products to keep them on the rapidly advancing cutting edge of technology.

In the Media

Nordlys platform featured on the Today Show

April 22, 2022

Earlier this month, Today Show hosts Hoda and Savanna got together with their trusted dermatologist consultant, Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD for Wellness Wednesday to talk about treating dark spots.

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Clinical Papers

Narrowband IPL Hair Removal

December 14, 2021

The Nordlys™ system delivers narrowband IPL, treating conditions like pigmentation, vascularity, skin resurfacing and hair removal.1 But did you know permanent hair reduction is also one

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