elōs® Technology

Revolutionary combination of optical and radiofrequency energies

elōs technology (electo-optical synergy), a deeper penetrating combination of optical (laser or pulsed light) and radiofrequency energies.

elōs technology is a revolutionary step forward in the practice of aesthetic medicine. Because of this combination, the optical fluence can be lowered by up to 60% for more comfortable treatments while retaining enhanced clinical efficacy for all skin types.

elōs technology takes advantage of the varying penetration capabilities of laser, infrared, visible light and radiofrequency energies to reach specific penetration depths, using the optimal combination of optical energy and radiofrequency energies for each application.

elos technology

How it works

elos MOA 1

1 | The epidermis is cooled by the chilled applicator tip, which increases the skin’s impedance, further protecting the epidermis and forcing the RF energy to penetrate deeper into the preheated, low impedance of the targeted tissue.

elos MOA 2

2 | The optical energy (laser or pulsed light) is selectively absorbed by the target tissue and converted into thermal energy, pre-heating the target tissue.

elos MOA 1

3 | The RF current, flowing between the electrodes, has a greater preference to the preheated targets which have lower impendence (less resistance), resulting in more thermal impact on the target tissue.

System with elōs technology



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