Candela Academy

A knowledge-sharing educational program for medical aesthetic professionals

What is the Candela Academy?

At Candela, we are devoted to contributing to the medical aesthetic industry by providing unparalleled clinical education. As part of our commitment, we partnered with trainers around the world to provide this platform for sharpening and refreshing skill sets. Candela Academy is also a platform for aspiring medical aesthetics professionals to acquire new knowledge and insights tailored to their needs. We acknowledge the importance of education. The platform provides expertise and encourages the creativity and innovation that will help shape the industry and its leaders tomorrow.

Learn from the best and apply the knowledge to your clinical practice.

What to expect from the Candela Academy?

Candela Academy is a comprehensive educational program designed to help you stay on top of emerging trends, clinical treatments and techniques, and industry best practices that you can apply to your practice. Please check our upcoming workshops and webinars for Candela Academy in your area.

Miss the live event? You can watch our on-demand webinars at your convenience!

Asia Pacific Candela Academy On-Demand Webinars

sensitive skin
On-demand Webinar

A dermatological perspective in approaching sensitive skin​ course by Dr. Diana Li​

Sensitive skin is a common skin condition but not a medical diagnosis. This term generally refers to skin that is more prone to inflammation. This course will highlight the cause of this skin condition and treatment approaches.​

Total Skin Rejuvenation Solution
On-demand Webinar

Total Skin Rejuvenation Solution​ course by Dr. Renita Rajan​

There are many new products and techniques have risen that are useful in the rejuvenation of the facial skin. In this course, Dr. Renita will talk about how rejuvenation, holistic care and skin regimen are well tied as a foundation to prevent skin ageing.

Management of rosacea
On-demand Webinar

Management of rosacea course by Dr. Belinda Welsh

Rosacea is a common chronic inflammatory skin condition that usually affects the face. In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Welsh highlights the different types of rosacea and its symptoms. The critical aspects of rosacea and rosacea management will be discussed.​

Treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris
On-demand Webinar

Treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris course by Dr. Maria Leuenberger

Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory disease with the potential to negatively affect the psychological and emotional functioning of patients, which can lead to social anxiety if left untreated. In this webinar, Dr. Leuenberger will highlight the cause and types of acne vulgaris, and various treatment options.

Management of Acne Scar
On-demand Webinar

Management of Acne Scar course by Dr. Davin Lim

Dermatologists classify acne scarring into different types according to its structural formation. In this course, Dr. Davin Lim will discuss various types of acne scars and how to treat them safely and effectively with a multimodality approach tailored to different scar types.

Management of Melasma
On-demand Webinar

Clinical Aspects and Management of Melasma course by Dr. Mei Ching Lee

Melasma is often considered a common pigmentary skin disorder. However, it is challenging to understand the etiology and pathogenesis of melasma due to its complexity. In this course, Dr. Mei Ching Lee will look at melasma from its causes, treatment diagnosis, and prevention.

Types of Vascular Lesion
On-demand Webinar

Types of Vascular Lesion course by Dr. Susan Robertson

The vascular lesion can have a profound impact on our psychosocial wellbeing. In this course, Dr. Susan Robertson will talk about the different types of vascular lesions and the characteristics and treatment of common vascular lesions.

Types of Pigmentation
On-demand Webinar

Types of Pigmentation course by Dr. Peter Peng

While pigmentation disorders affect many people, this course draws attention to the various common benign pigmented lesions. Dr. Peter Peng will discuss the characteristic of different pigments and their treatment.

Dermatological Energy Application
On-demand Webinar

Dermatological Energy Application course by Dr. Sang Ju Lee

Dr. Sang Ju Lee discusses the different types of lasers and energy-based devices in the medical and aesthetic market. You will learn the key features in selecting each device and its appropriate aesthetic applications in this course.

Laser Safety
On-demand Webinar

Laser Safety course by Professor Taro Kono

Professor Taro Kono discusses the importance of understanding the basics of laser safety and physics in this course. You will learn how to operate the different lasers in a safe environment and understand the laser radiation properties.

Skin Physiology and Anatomy
On-demand Webinar

Skin Physiology and Anatomy course by Dr. Schallen

Highlighting the basics of skin anatomy.
Dr. Konika Patel Schallen presents the structure and function of the skin as a crucial protective barrier between our bodies and the outside world on this course.

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