Candela Institute for Excellence (CIE)

Advancing Aesthetic Medicine

The Candela Institute for Excellence (CIE) exists to accelerate knowledge in aesthetic medicine. Our mission is to inform, inspire, and empower innovations that lift the industry and the practices we serve.

Over the past half-century, Candela has pioneered many of the industry’s most impactful breakthroughs. Today, we’re more dedicated than ever to exploring the frontiers of what’s possible in aesthetic medicine.

The CIE Flagship Clinic Center

Candela's state-of-the-art research and development facility is located in Marlborough, MA. There, scientists and physicians partner with some of the most brilliant practitioners in aesthetic medicine to develop new technologies, therapies, and best practices.

Other Center of Excellence (COE) Locations

Candela has coordinated with an elite group of practices to promulgate advances in aesthetic medicine worldwide in 27 established locations. Using Candela technology, our partnered practices teach safe, effective, and leading-edge aesthetic treatment techniques to practitioners from around the globe.

Knowledge is power.

We believe knowledge is the power that moves aesthetic medicine forward, and helps providers and practices fulfill their potential.

Below is a map of our center of excellence locations. Please click on a location to view the address.

The CIE Clinical Education team can help you optimize technology, implement best practices, ensure patient satisfaction, and empower your success with the below programs. For more information please contact your Candela account manager.

One-day Institute visits

Visit the CIE flagship clinic center in Marlborough, MA. During your visit, you can learn the science behind Candela products, take part in hands-on demonstrations, and more.


Our preceptorship program offers the chance to train and interact with some of the finest practitioners in aesthetic medicine.

Site visits

Gain expertise in specific techniques through one-on-one sessions with a Candela Clinical Educator and connect with various instructor peer leaders.

Distance learning

A range of opportunities, including live video conferencing with Candela Clinical Education team members.

The CIE is your go-to resource for ways to improve every aspect of your practice, from technology to marketing. Contact your Candela account manager about participating in an array of practice-enhancing programs, including:

Advanced clinical training workshops

Are available by invitation. These monthly events share valuable insights on products, techniques, indications, patient selection, and clinical outcomes.

Demo days

Offer hands-on introductions to advanced Candela devices. Sessions are led by clinical trainers and include the opportunity to increase your skills by using the feature product yourself.

User meetings

Peer-to-peer discussions about cases, best practices, and current treatment issues. Interactive, small group settings facilitate collaboration as you and your colleagues seek solutions to shared challenges.

Check our upcoming educational workshops and webinars in your area.

Contact your Candela account manager about participating in an array of practice-enhancing programs.

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