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Are you ready for a facial treatment or a laser hair removal? Would you like to consult with a provider that carries Candela's brands for the treatments of tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, rosacea and redness, spider veins, wrinkles and fine lines, etc.? Find a treatment provider near you today!


ServicePlus Protected Candela Devices

Medical aesthetic treatment options with Candela brands for laser, IPL, and RF microneedling treatments

skin rejuvenation
Skin Rejuvenation

Want to improve your complexion and maintain a healthy, radiant skin? Exceed, Gentle®, Frax Pro®, Nordlys®PicoWay®, Profound®, Matrix, and Vbeam® are our solutions for skin rejuvenation* treatments.

vascular condition
Vascular Conditions

Redness, rosacea, spider veins, port-wine stain, venous lake? Vbeam® and Nordlys are our go-to laser treatments for vascular lesions.

Body Treatments
Body Treatments

Profound® can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. VelaShape® is a treatment option for circumferential and cellulite reduction.

Skin Resurfacing

From wrinkles to scars, texture and tone to sun-damaged skin, CO2RE®, Frax Pro®, Nordlys, and Matrix are used for skin resurfacing treatments.

skin elasticity
Skin Elasticity

Treatments from the Matrix and Profound® devices are recommended for the improving of your skin elasticity.

Scars & Stretch Marks

CO2RE, Exceed, PicoWay, and Vbeam are our recommendations for scar and stretch-mark treatments.

Pigmented Lesions

PicoWay®, NordlysGentle®, and Frax Pro® are our answers for your hyperpigmentation and pigmented lesion concerns such as dark spots, sun spots, age spots, photodamage, etc.

hair removal
Hair Removal

Gentle and Nordlys are well established brands for hair removal around the world.

tattoo removal
Tattoo Removal

Candela launches first Q-switched laser for pigment and tattoos in 1993. PicoWay is the go-to laser treatment for black and multi-color tattoo removal.

gynecological conditions
Gynecological Conditions

Using well-established CO2 technology, you can now have minimally invasive, energy-based treatments of the introitus, vaginal canal, and external genitalia — in one of our skilled provider's office, in as little as 10 minutes for each treatment. Learn more about our CO2RE Intima system for your gynecological needs.

microneedling facial treatment

Want to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars? Exceed, Profound®, and Matrix are options for microneedling and radiofrequency microneedling facial treatments to promote collagen production to smooth and tone skin.

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