The Value of a Lifetime Patient: Best Practice Tips and Techniques to Keep Patients Coming Back

The value of a lifetime aesthetic patient

Turnover hurts every business.

Whether it’s a valued staff member who leaves, or a patient who goes somewhere else to be treated, the rationale of wanting to keep the best people on board is in sync.

Some patients leave for reasons that may have nothing to do with your practice. These may include moving away, job loss, illness, retirement, etc.

These 3 reasons patients leave a practice or medspa are universal; pricing, service, and results.

  1. Pricing: They find another practice that charges less for the same or similar treatment, or finds a practice that offers more perks (memberships, loyalty program, series pricing, treatment bundles…)
  2. Service: They feel ignored, staff is not very friendly, billing errors, slow responses to questions and before/after care, long waiting times to get in and be seen, visits are too rushed, no pain management offered.
  3. Results: They didn’t like the experience, consultation didn’t last long enough, it hurt too much, they didn’t get the outcome they expected, the provider was too aggressive or not aggressive enough, bruising they were not prepared for.

    So, what makes patients stay with you? It’s all about the trust factor. When patients trust you to take good care of them and deliver the superior results they want, they will be loyal and send their friends and family to your practice. These valuable patients can become your best advocates, which is about as close as it gets to a ‘Lifetime Patient’.

    Your Candela team can help you step up your treatment menu to give patients more; better service plus the top-line results that can only be achieved with exceptional technology that stands apart from the many systems on the market.

    When you are ready to go to the next level, enter the Matrix™ Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling system. Our first-in-class multi-application system features the Sublime®, Sublative RF, and the all-new Matrix Pro® applicators. Powered by Dimensional RF this advanced system is designed to deliver multi-dimensional treatment outcomes. ,*

For medspas and practices catering to a younger group of patients or those who are not ready for RF, Candela’s Exceed medical microneedling device ticks all the boxes at affordable price point.