5 Key Strategies for Launching a New Technology into Your Practice

Matrix radiofrequency with microneedling device

You did your homework, consulted with colleagues, and took the plunge to bring a new medical device into your practice. Now what?

Making the most of your launch takes careful planning and seamless execution. Whether you’re adding the Matrix™ system, your Candela team is ready to help you maximize your launch to ensure a smooth integration before, during and after.

1. Draft a launch plan and assign roles to the team

As it is said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” When you have selected your device, begin 6-8 weeks ahead of the launch and draft a plan and marketing budget to determine how best to use your resources. Outlining key steps, responsibilities, and talking points will help ensure that all relevant staff members receive appropriate training on the device's operation and maintenance. Whenever possible, it is wise to allow staff to experience a treatment, or at a minimum to watch the treatment being performed, so they can speak to patients with knowledge and credibility.

2. Determine fees for a single session as well as series pricing

You will know best how to price in-demand treatments based on your location, patient groups, and the perceived value of your services to your clients. To determine the best pricing strategy, do a deep dive into the competitive landscape in your local market based on your target demographics. This will help to determine the best price per treatment as well as how to offer a package of treatment sessions. Candela’s Matrix system is an in-demand treatment that commands a higher price point than many other ordinary RF devices. It is also very versatile and can treat many areas and conditions.*

3. Get the word out

Generate excitement with patients early about what’s coming next. Aesthetic patients love to learn about something new and to ‘be the first to try it’. One strategy is to offer one-time special pricing to the first 50 of your best patients. This is an ideal way to treat your top clients, capture an early revenue stream, and gain more experience with treatment. Make it exclusive so they feel special and valued by your practice. Special pricing, such as 20-25%, can be a one-off for these clients. Make sure to let them know that this is a one-off opportunity to have this exciting treatment at this price point.

4. Tap into social media channels

Getting the word out on your website, blog and social channels is crucial. This can help to create early buzz about the treatment for your fans and followers, and attract more users to your channels. For example, if launching the Matrix system, create a video of the treatment to share on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTuber with ‘COMING SOON’ to boost interest. Placing in-office Profound Matrix signage on the front desk, in the treatment rooms and lobby will help stimulate excitement around the treatment. Paid social media ads and boosted posts allow you to choose your target audience (versus organic reach), and will get your message across to your target audience. If you want to spotlight the Matrix system, draft and upload a landing page about the treatment to your practice website and direct traffic to that landing page from other sources for more information (social media, blogs, brochures, etc.). Include videos and before/after photos of patients throughout your content strategy. Ask your Candela representative to share the brand assets you may need, such as Matrix product images, brochures, and videos, to help generate excitement in advance.

5. Keep up the momentum post-launch

You’ve completed the launch - don’t drop the ball now! Encourage loyal patients to post about their results on their own Instagram and other channels and tag yours. Engage with local micro-influencers (20K+ followers) to potentially watch or experience a treatment and post about their experience. Encourage 5-star reviews and ratings from loyal and satisfied patients and continue to build up your gallery of patient photos and videos.

Launching the Matrix system can be seamless execution; your Candela representative can help with everything from by scheduling staff training session to sharing promotional materials for inside your practice as well as your website and social media channels.

To learn more about how Candela’s Matrix system can help you grow your practice, reach out to us.

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*Matrix system User Manual PB94651EN-US. Treatment considerations are under the discretion of the qualified licensed and healthcare professional. Individual healing times, discomfort, treatment results and satisfaction can vary.