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Picoway Remove boldly. Treat Lightly
Laser Basics
The PicoWay® system delivers high energy, ultra-short picosecond pulses utilizing a photomechanical effect to selectively destroy melanocytes in the targeted tissue, with reduced risk of unwanted thermal heating to surrounding tissue — even in darker skin.
Business Essentials

Inga Hansen from MedEsthetics talks to Doan Bui, Social Media Marketing Manager for Candela, on how practices and medspas can use social media marketing to build brand awareness and grow their prac

Laser Basics

Versatility is one of the most important characteristics when shopping for a laser system to introduce into your cosmetic dermatology practice.

Business Essentials

Now that things are very slowly opening back up again in certain parts of the country, what is the landscape going to look like?

OnDemand Webinars

Treating Unwanted Vascularity: Head to Toe

September 7, 2021

With treatment options ranging from IPL, to lasers and prescription medication options, vascularity expert Gilly Munavalli, MD explains the tools best suited to address each type of vascularity fro

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Clinical Papers

Light & Bright® Combination Treatment

September 3, 2021

The Nordlys™ multi-application platform continues to expand its clinical evidence.

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