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Center of Excellence
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Energy-based medical aesthetics is a dynamic and growing field. Syneron-Candela is deeply committed to a 360° approach to education.
Changing Lives
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How evidence-based medicine, energy-based devices, and a caring partnership helps change lives of patients in need
Candela Academy
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In early October, Syneron-Candela held its annual Academy – an event focused on education, training and networking for physicians who offer energy-based device treatments to their patients.

Consumer Education
Newsbeam Newsletter

Today, while there is a wealth of information available to consumers about aesthetic treatments, not all of it is reliable.

Clinical Papers

Honing-in on Rejuvenation with the Nordlys™ system

October 18, 2021

Featured in the Innovation Showcase issue of “Modern Aesthetics”

Broadband light (BBL) has been the mainstay IPL technology for decades.

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OnDemand Webinars

Treating Unwanted Vascularity: Head to Toe

September 7, 2021

With treatment options ranging from IPL, to lasers and prescription medication options, vascularity expert Gilly Munavalli, MD explains the tools best suited to address each type of vascularity fro

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