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Employee Spotlight
Santiago Lorente is celebrating his 21st year working for Syneron-Candela as a service manager for Spain and Portugal.
Candela in the news
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In the fourth quarter of 2018, Syneron-Candela built strong brand awareness with both physician and consumer audiences worldwide.

Consumer Education
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Today, while there is a wealth of information available to consumers about aesthetic treatments, not all of it is reliable.

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When Syneron-Candela acquired Danish medical device firm Ellipse in September of last year, we sought to strengthen our footprint in the multiapplication space and provide our customers a comprehen

Business Essentials

If you’re like many of the practitioners we work with, the past few months have been pretty stressful for you and your practice.

Laser Basics

Skin conditions, such as vulvar lichen sclerosis (VLS), often go untreated until advanced signs of skin damage occur.