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The mission of the Candela Institute for Excellence (CIE) is to inform, inspire, and empower innovations that lift the industry and the practices we serve. The Candela Clinical team has developed a series of short videos to share their experiences as Candela clinicians, favorite skincare tips, treatment protocols, patient selection, and advice on how to achieve desired outcomes.
Profound Sublative Single Use Tips
Institute for Excellence

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration define single-use, or disposable, medical devices as those strictly intended for use on one patient during only o

Institute for Excellence
There are five core parameters that a practitioner should consider when operating a laser or light device.
Laser Safety
Institute for Excellence

Laser systems utilize a high power voltage supply, requiring high voltage connections. It is important to remember that due to this, lasers can cause fires.

Laser Basics

Skin conditions, such as vulvar lichen sclerosis (VLS), often go untreated until advanced signs of skin damage occur.

Marketing Education

CO2RE® Laser: Look Book

September 14, 2020

The nonsurgical CO2RE® laser is first fully integrated CO2 workstation, worldwide.

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