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Laser Safety
Institute for Excellence
The word laser is an acronym that means “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. A laser is an optical system that contains a gain medium composed atoms or molecules.
Newsbeam Newsletter

I am proud to deliver the second edition of Newsbeam – Syneron-Candela’ s global newsletter.

Podcast on the rise
Newsbeam Newsletter

Physicians’ time today is more in demand than ever.

Newsbeam Newsletter

This past fall, Syneron-Candela hosted its APAC User Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. We asked a couple of physicians who attended the conference to summarize the value of attending.

On-demand Webinars

Nordlys™ platform - A “hidden gem” in the vascular treatment treasure chest

June 16, 2022

Watch the recording of this engaging 60-min Advanced Clinical Education MasterClass, hosted by two skilled experts, Didac Barco, MD and Pedro Santos, MD with extensive expertise in treating vascula

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Find out more about the Nordlys
In the Media

Energy Device of the Year - 2022

With ten devices shortlisted, we're delighted to announce that our #Nordlys Platform won 'Energy Device of the Year' at the prestigious Aesthetics Awards, and the Team here are all

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