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Laser Safety
Institute for Excellence

Laser systems utilize a high power voltage supply, requiring high voltage connections. It is important to remember that due to this, lasers can cause fires.

VBeam Laser
Institute for Excellence

The Vbeam® device is Candela’s first manufactured pulse dye laser.

Institute for Excellence
IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL utilizes a flash lamp to deliver light to a targeted area. The light delivered can be filtered so that...
What Is RF
Institute for Excellence
RF is an acronym for radio frequency. Radio frequency refers to energy delivered via electrical oscillations. Radio frequency energy translates into heat deposited in the treatment area.
On-demand Webinars

Changing Lives On Demand Webinar

Our Advanced Clinical Education (ACE) MasterClasses offer opportunities for learning and discussions, with
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Advanced Clinical Education MasterClass on Vascular Anomalies

November 29, 2021

Watch the recording of this engaging Advanced Clinical Education MasterClass, hosted by a globally recognized faculty of dermatologists with extensive expertise in treating vascular anomalies and p

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