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We know that your time is in more demand than ever. That’s why we are continually investing in our Podcast and Webinar series so you can tune in on your terms
Marketing to Millenials
Newsbeam Newsletter
Every decade or so, generational shifts occur in the general population. Whether triggered by world events, technological advances, or other factors, the preferences and habits that define each generation morph.
Picoway Skin Color
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Today, 88.5% of the global population is comprised of people with skin of color,1 demonstrating the need for dermatological interventions that can meet the unique treatment needs and considerations of this growing patient demographic.
Newsbeam Newsletter
In April, the Candela Asia Pacific team kicked off the first regional Candela Academy. The Academy provided customers a hands-on learning experience designed to advance their knowledge and support the sharing of best practices.
On-demand Webinars

Changing Lives On Demand Webinar

Our Advanced Clinical Education (ACE) MasterClasses offer opportunities for learning and discussions, with
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Advanced Clinical Education MasterClass on Vascular Anomalies

November 29, 2021

Watch the recording of this engaging Advanced Clinical Education MasterClass, hosted by a globally recognized faculty of dermatologists with extensive expertise in treating vascular anomalies and p

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