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Meet the CO2RE® laser platform, the first fully integrated CO2 laser device. Cleared for 100+ indications, this device offers you unparalleled treatment flexibility that can help your practice grow. However
Traditional non-ablative fractional devices have served the market well. But, with changing market dynamics, it’s time to rethink traditional resurfacing. Find out why Frax Pro is the smart way to
Optimizing results with a multi-modality approach
As the needs of aesthetic patients become more sophisticated, clinicians are improving outcomes through the use of multiple modalities in treatment. In this Dermatology Times® podcast, Jill Waibel, MD, discusses
Clinical Papers
Two Korean females with multiple freckles on the face (Case 1) and melasma, freckles, lentigines and erythema (Case 2) underwent a single PicoWay 730 nm picosecond laser treatment and were evaluated at 6 weeks post‐treatment. Independent evaluation of global assessment, by 2 dermatologists, indicated excellent response (75–94% lightening) for Case 1 and good response (50–74% lightening) for Case 2.
Marketing Education
The nonsurgical CO2RE® laser is first fully integrated CO2 workstation, worldwide. FDA-cleared for the treatment of over 100 indications, in more than 10 medical specialties, this versatile laser is a