Nordlys platform featured on the Today Show

Earlier this month, Today Show hosts Hoda and Savanna got together with their trusted dermatologist consultant, Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD for Wellness Wednesday to talk about treating dark spots.

Dr. Alexiades caps the segment by highlighting that if patients want the most powerful and the longest lasting results, that a dermatologist visit for fractional laser resurfacing is what she recommends. She highlights that she used the Nordlys platform as they talk about a before and after photo with impressive results.

nordlys before and after photos

It’s not only the media that’s talking about Nordlys. Nordlys was recently named the 2022 “Energy Device of the Year” by the Aesthetic Awards. In a category with significant competition, it is an honor that our distinctive Nordlys platform with advanced Selective Waveband Technology (SWT®) has been recognized as the winner.

To learn more about how the Nordlys system with SWT® accomplishes skin rejuvenation using 50% less fluence than broadband IPL systems and includes low-downtime fractional laser technology with a breadth of scan widths and a flexible diode umbilical for improved treatment reach, click here.