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Our Advanced Clinical Education (ACE) MasterClasses offer opportunities for learning and discussions, with a panel of renowned physicians sharing their expertise and insights into the trends that will shape the
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Listen to our podcasts. Explore our resources. For over 20 years, whenever physician practices and hair removal clinics across the globe wanted to provide their patients with the gold standard
Clinical Papers
Two Korean females with multiple freckles on the face (Case 1) and melasma, freckles, lentigines and erythema (Case 2) underwent a single PicoWay 730 nm picosecond laser treatment and were evaluated at 6 weeks post‐treatment. Independent evaluation of global assessment, by 2 dermatologists, indicated excellent response (75–94% lightening) for Case 1 and good response (50–74% lightening) for Case 2.
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Millennials aren’t those kids with ironic t-shirts, selfie sticks, and self-esteem trophies anymore. They’ve grown up to accumulate $1 trillion dollars in spending power.1 They also have very strong feelings
Marketing Education
PRIME Journal | International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine Christine Dierickx, MD discusses her experience using intense pulsed light to treat dyspigmentation across the face, neck, chest and hands.
Marketing Education
PicoWay Resolve Treatment Guide
New! Learn how to optimize results in acne scar and wrinkle treatment with the PicoWay Resolve Treatment Guide. Embedded videos walk you through typical laser settings and treatment parameters.
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Candela’s Vbeam treatment was recognized with Elle’s Future of Beauty award, dedicated to the most exciting innovations in skin, hair, makeup products, and body treatments. Awarded in the “In-Office Treatment”