5 tips to prepare your practice for severe weather

5 Tips to Prepare Your Practice for Severe Weather

After making the investment in your Candela energy-based device, it is important to ensure it remains as protected as possible during potential severe weather emergencies, such as hurricanes, wildfires, or tornadoes. Here are five quick tips on how to prepare if you find yourself in the potential path of a storm or emergency situation.

As a precautionary measure for your practice:

  • Take photos and videos of all the equipment in your office for any potential insurance claims.
  • Unplug your lasers/devices.
  • Put a waterproof, protective covering over the laser/device (garbage bags, etc.).
  • Consolidate all ancillary parts of your equipment into waterproof containers lined with garbage bags, if possible.
  • Keep your insurance/liability carrier information with you.

If inclement weather does unfortunately hit your area, please know that your Candela team is here to support you. As our partner, we truly hope that you remain safe during and after any storm. Whether your need is field service, sales, or clinical support, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-733-8550.

We wish you well. Thank you for being our valued partner.