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Microneedling Masterclass - North America
Learn how to utilize the full spectrum of Microneedling from mechanical to radiofrequency
June 15, 2023
Start time: 4 p.m. PDT
Duration: 90 minutes
Spoken Language: English

Webinar Time
4:00 PM PDT | 7:00 PM EDT

Duration approx 90 minutes

Microneedling has rapidly become one of the most popular and sought-after treatments in the aesthetic space, and Candela has expanded its offerings to continuously bring best in class devices to help practice and patients anywhere along their aging journey. From mechanical microneedling with Exceed, to short pulse RF Microneedling with Profound Matrix, and long pulse Microneedling with Profound. Learn from the industry leaders as they share best practices and treatment parameters using a practical case-based approach focusing on Candela’s unique and diverse microneedling portfolio. Through an engaging and lively discussion, our physician panel will share their perspectives on:

  • Why Microneedling – what is the market trend for it and why do you want to be a part of it?
  • Who is Microneedling for and does all Microneedling work the same?
  • What to know and ask when buying a Microneedling device
  • The importance of RF Microneedling for every patient.
  • Candela’s unique microneedling portfolio, how they are differing and how each is used separately and in combination.
  • Single modality and combination treatments.

Bring your questions! Our panelists look forward to hearing from you.

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Live Webinar - Europe, Middle East and Africa
Picosecond laser treatments: From Benign Pigmented Lesions and Skin Rejuvenation to Tattoo Removal
June 20, 2023
Start time: 6 p.m. BST
Duration: 60 minutes
Spoken Language: English

Webinar Time
6:00 PM BST
(London) | 7:00 PM CEST (Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Paris)

Join a panel of dermatologic experts to gain practical insights on treating pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, and removing tattoos with energy-based devices. This Masterclass is a lively discussion of real-world cases from expert viewpoints, with a focus on realistic solutions for the everyday aesthetic provider. Topics include:

  • Take pragmatic tips back to your practice to implement with your patients, who wish to make a real difference in their skin appearance.
  • Treatment options on skin types and challenging cases, and more
  • Discover why the ultrashort picosecond pulse durations of PicoWay (40% shorter than average) minimize thermal injury to the skin, ensuring less discomfort and faster healing.

Bring your questions! Our panelists look forward to hearing from you!

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