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Live Educational Webinar: Acne Scar Treatments with CO₂RE® and Frax 1550

In this webinar, Dr. Didac Barco will discuss how you can best treat acne scarring with CO₂RE® and Frax 1550 non-ablative fractional laser. In only 30 minutes you’ll learn more about the different approaches possible to treat atrophic acne scarring, from the ablative CO2 laser, that emits light in the far infrared spectrum, to Frax 1550 non-ablative fractional treatments.

Dr. Didac Barco will of course combine theory with some of the results from his own practice.

The webinar will end with a Q&A session for any questions you might have.


Picosecond Technology: Discovering the Facts and Debunking Opinions

Educate yourself about PicoWay and Picosecond Technology and watch this on demand webinar. Ofir Artzi, MD, Director of Aesthetic Dermatology at the Sourasky Medical Center, will:

- Provide you with a timeline view of laser technology.
- Refute myths & debunk opinions.
- Share his experience with the PicoWay system in his clinic.


Advancing Lasers for Skin of Colour

Cosmetic treatments differ for patients with skin of colour. And, treating darker skin types with lasers has especially been a challenge. But, the latest lasers open up new doors for the treatment of those who may not have previously been candidates for laser treatment. This recorded webinar discusses the latest advances in lasers for treating skin of colour. Dr. Douglas Wu, MD, PhD reviews issues in skin of colour patients as well as available treatment options and ways to minimise risk in these populations.