Candela is rooted in clinical support and education, and our mission is to provide continuous clinical training for all our customers! This training course on the Matrix RF Microneedling system will teach transferrable skills and real time clinical pearls for maximum impact in your practice.

  • The science of the Matrix radiofrequency microneedling system
  • Matrix techniques for greater results
  • Patient assessment

About The Speaker
As Senior Nurse Manager of the Candela Institute for Excellence Research and Educational Center in Marlborough, MA, Nicolle Dest has been working with aesthetic energy-based devices for 10 years and has worked at the Candela Institute since 2018. Nicole enjoys her time collaborating with the Research & Development teams to develop and test new technologies; enhancing the usability and capabilities of existing devices; and empowering others to understand how they work. 


  • Nicolle Dest, MSN, RN
    Senior Nurse Manager - Candela Medical