Dr. Alex Lee shares his treatment approaches with the PicoWay® laser machine. Topics include:

  • PicoWay 730 nm handpiece and other modalities
  • Frax 1550 nm handpiece on the Nordlys system for combination treatments to optimize patients’ outcomes and welfare
  • Different clinical indications in identifying suitable treatments for patients

About the speaker

Dr. Alex Lee is an Board-certified Dermatologist in Korea. He is the founder and CEO of KDRI (Korea Dermatology Research Institute), founder and CEO of SKINDA dermatology clinic in Korea Founder, and CEO of SKINDA Clinique Asia in Indonesia. Dr. Alex Lee is a member of KDA (Korean Dermatological Association), AKD(Association of Korean Dermatologist), Korean society for therapeutic dermatologic treatment.


  • Dr. Alex Lee
    Board-certified Dermatologist, Korea