Treatment of facial acne papules and pustules in Korean patients using an intense pulsed light device equipped with a 530 to 750 nm filter

Mild to moderate acne in Korean women was treated with a PR applicator. One side of the face was treated and the other was not. Many aspects of treatment showed significant improvement with limited side effects.

PubMed Reference:Chang SE, et al. Dermatol Surg. 2007 Jun;33:676-9.

Study Details:

  • 30 females (mean age 25.7 years, range 23-32; skin types III-IV) with mild-to-moderate acne, Grade 2 (Papules 11-30), according to Korean acne grading system
  • 1 randomly-selected side of the face was treated with 530-750 nm (PR applicator): spot size of 10x4 mm, fluence 8 J/cm2for skin type III (11 subjects) and 7.5 J/cm2for skin type III (11 subjects), 2.5-ms double pulses with 10-ms delay
  • 3 IPL treatments at 3-week intervals
  • Lesion counts of inflammatory acne papules & pustules on treated / untreated sides
  • Red macules evaluated with digital photography & colorimetry (Chromameter-CRR221)
  • Irregular brown pigmentation evaluated with digital photography, based on a 5-point improvement scale (0%, <25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, >75%)

Study Results:

  • All subjects experienced a reduction in inflammatory lesion counts (-3.1 on treated side vs.-3.1 on untreated side; p>0.05)
  • All subjects were satisfied with treatment
  • 63% of red macules showed good (50-75%) to excellent (>75%) improvement
  • 63% of irregular pigmentation and skin tone evaluations showed good (50-75%) to excellent (>75%) improvement
  • Side effects limited to several mild postinflammatory hyperpigmented spots lasting <2 weeks (3 patients)