Treatment of acne scarring with a novel dual-wavelength, picoseconddomain laser incorporating a novel holographic beam-splitter

Patients with mild/severe facial acne scars underwent four monthly treatments with a Resolve handpiece. A significant number of subjects showed improvement and patient satisfaction was high.

PubMed Reference:Bernstein E, Schomacker KT, Basilavecchio LD, et al. Lasers Surg Med. 2017 Nov;49(9):796-802. 

Study Details:

  • 19 subjects (3 males, 16 females) with mild-severe facial acne scars (rolling or boxcar), skin phototypes III-V and mean age 45 (range 23 to 70) years treated with Resolve 1064nm handpiece
  • 8 subjects (1 male, 7 females) with skin phototypes III-IV and mean age 45 (range 23 to 65) years treated with Resolve 532 nm handpiece
  • 4 monthly treatments
  • 3 blinded physicians reviewed 81 digital clinical images, using a 10-point scale (1=10% improvement up to 10=100% improvement)

Study Results:

  • Blinded assessment correctly identified 75% of the baseline images
  • 81% of subjects showed improvement
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Mild and transient erythema and edema associated with treatment, resolving within several hours
  • No hyper- or hypo-pigmentation or scarring