The first commercial 730 nm picosecond-domain laser is safe and effective for treating multicolor tattoos

This study examined several males and females who had tattoos removed thanks to treatment from a 730 nm titanium-sapphire laser-pumped laser. A blind assessment showed clearance in varying degrees for six different colors of pigments without scarring or pigmentary alteration.

PubMed Reference: Bernstein EF, Schomacker KT, Shang X, Alessa D, Algzlan H, Paranjape A. Lasers Surg Med. 2020 Mar 24.

Study Details:

  • 15 subjects (5 males, 10 females, mean 45 years, Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III) with 20 tattoos were enrolled
  • 4 treatments with a new 730 nm, titanium-sapphire laser-pumped laser were administered
  • Blinded evaluation by 4 physicians of photographic improvement of pre- and 2-month post-treatment cross-polarized digital images, using an 11-point scale in 10% increments (0 = no improvement, 10 = 100% or complete removal)

Study Results:

  • Blinded assessment showed 70%, 77%, 83%, 83%, 26%, and 8% clearance from baseline images for black, green, blue, purple, red and yellow pigments, respectively
  • Mild edema and erythema immediately after treatment were common
  • No scarring or pigmentary alteration visible in any follow-up images