Rosacea treatment using the new-generation, high-energy, 595 nm, long pulse-duration pulsed-dye laser

Rosacea was treated in several subjects with the Vbeam. After a fourth treatment, the rosacea scores decreased significantly and overall improvement was seen.

PubMed Reference:Bernstein EF, Kligman A. Lasers Surg Med. 2008 Apr.

Study Details:

  • 20 subjects (18 females, 2 males with Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III) with rosacea were treated.
  • Vbeam parameters for linear vessels: elliptical spot size 3x10mm, energy fluency 17-19 J/cm2, 40ms pulses, and DCD cooling (40ms cooling/20ms delay).
  • Entire face was then treated with Vbeam parameters: 12mm spot size, 6-7 J/cm2, 3ms pulses, and DCD cooling (40ms cooling/20ms delay).
  • 4 treatments administered at 4-week intervals.
  • Investigators graded rosacea on a 0 (no rosacea) - 6 (severe rosacea) scale.
  • Blinded assessment of photos, using a 5-point scale of 0=no improvement to 4=76-100%improvement.

Study Results:

  • Rosacea scores decreased significantly after 4th treatment and at follow-up (p<0.001).
  • 79% of paired images showed overall improvement by blinded assessment.
  • No hypo-/hyperpigmentation or scarring.