Matrix RF Microneedling Case Spotlight

Dr. Scott Gerrish, DO, and CEO of Gerrish MedEsthetics uses the all-new Matrix system in his practice and has been able to produce impressive results for patients of all ages.

Dr. Gerrish brings 25 years of experience in non-invasive cosmetic and regenerative medesthetics, along with a background in medicine and engineering, to provide his patients with a unique and individualized 360-degree approach that maximizes face and neck results without surgery.

The Matrix system is designed to correct, maintain, and restore patient skin across the aging journey, with the Sublime, Sublative RF, and new Matrix Pro applicators*. The all-new short-pulse Matrix Pro RF applicator uses the thinnest array of microneedles** and Depth Intelligence real-time impedance monitoring that takes RF microneedling to another level.

Read how Dr. Gerrish uses the Matrix RF microneedling device to deliver these impressive results!

* Candela document: Matrix Clinical Bulletin Versatility PU02415EN-NA_A
** Based on publicly available specifications as of October 2022
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