Pilot clinical study of a novel minimally invasive bipolar microneedle radiofrequency device

This study involved women undergoing an elective surgical face lift or abdominoplasty. They were treated with bipolar RF electrode tips with maximum power at the beginning and then reduced to maintain a target temperature.

PubMed Reference:Hantash BM, Renton B, Berkowitz RL, et al. Lasers Surg Med. 2009;41(2):87-95.

Study Details:

  • 15 female subjects undergoing elective surgical face lift or abdominoplasty were enrolled
  • Treated with 5 pairs of 35 W bipolar RF electrode tips
  • Maximum power delivered at beginning and then reduced to maintain target temperature
  • Range of pulse durations (1 - 25 sec)
  • Lesion temperatures between 60-80°C

Study Results:

  • Histology showed zones of denatured collagen within the reticular dermis with sparing of adnexal structures and adipose tissue
  • Controlled creation of zones of thermal damage in the dermis
  • Varying pulse length allowed for fractional sparing of dermal tissue