Picosecond lasers: Meeting advanced tattoo removal and changing demographics need

Meet the increasing patient demand
Along with technology changes, tattoo removal needs have also evolved.

Now with 40% of millennials tattoed,1 treatment has advanced beyond complete tattoo elimination to removal of portions or layers of tattoos for art modification or simply to refine blurred or aging ink. Picosecond lasers, able to perform highly customized and targeted treatment and eliminate even difficult-to-target tattoo colors, have opened the door for expanded treatment options and tattoo refinement.

With 60% of the the population expected to be skin of color by 2060, the importance of picosecond lasers, which can address darker skin without concerns of prior generation treatments is paramount.2

In this article, you will learn:

  • Previous tattoo removal treatment options prior to lasers
  • Laser tattoo removal technology through time
  • Changing tattoo removal and demographic needs
  • How picosecond lasers work
  • The broad range of colors that are now removable
  • Treatment overview
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