Nd:YAG and pulsed dye laser therapy in infantile haemangiomas: a retrospective analysis of 271 treated haemangiomas in 149 children

Reference:Hartmann F, Lockmann A, Grönemeyer LL, et al. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2017 Aug;31:1372-1379.

Study Details:

  • 271 IH in 149 infants (107 females & 42 males; median age 24 weeks, range 1-533 weeks) were treated with Nd:YAG and PDL (n:187, 69%) or PDL alone (n:84, 31%).
  • Treatment parameters:
    • 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser (GentleYAG®): 6-mm spot diameter, fluence 90 - 170 J/cm2, 50-ms pulse duration, epidermal cooling with 30 ms duration/ 60-ms delay;
    • 595-nm PDL (Vbeam): 7-mm spot diameter, fluence 9 - 14 J/cm2, 3-ms pulse duration and DCD cooling with 30-ms duration/10-ms delay.
  • 3 physicians independently evaluated IH remission based on clinical photographs at baseline and 4&6 weeks after the last treatment.
  • Remissions were categorized as 0-25% (I), 26-50% (II), 51-75% (III) and 76-100% (IV).

Study Results:

  • Moderate or strong (III/IV) improvement was observed in 92.4% of all IH treated.
  • No serious adverse effects were observed.