Dual-wavelength non-ablative fractional resurfacing of photoaged skin with the Frax 1550™ and Frax 1940™ handpieces

This clinical white paper reviews the latest skin rejuvenation results with the combination fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing provided by Frax 1940™ and Frax 1550™, alongside proven narrowband IPL over a series of three treatment sessions.

The Nordlys™ multi-application platform continues to expand its clinical evidence. With risk-minimizing IPL as the foundation of the device, and high ROI fractional non-ablative resurfacing capabilities for significant practice savings, the Nordlys system is quickly becoming a go-to platform for new and existing aesthetic practices.

The Light & Bright® signature treatment on the Nordlys system can reduce reds, tame browns, and smooth skin all in a single session.