Laser treatment of professional tattoos with a 1064/532-nm dual-wavelength picosecond laser

The PicoWay Zoom was used in the tattoo removal process of several men and women. After three treatments, most of the tattoos showed at least half clearance. Side effects were minimal and patient satisfaction was high.

PubMed Reference:Kauvar ANB, Keaney TC, Alster T. Dermatol Surg. 2017 Sep.

Study Details:

  • 60 subjects (23 males, 37 females) with skin phototypes I-VI and mean age 34±11years with 75 professional tattoos
  • Up to 10 PicoWay Zoom 532/1064nm treatments at 6-week intervals
  • Blinded assessment of digital clinical images, using a 5-point scale (1=0-24%; 2=25-49%; 3=50-74%; 4=75-95%; 5≥95% clearance)

Study Results:

  • Most of the tattoos contained black pigment with 40% having additional red, blue, green or other colored pigments
  • By blinded evaluator consensus, 86% of the treated tattoos showed at least 50% clearance after 3 treatments (mean clearance score of 3.11)
  • By investigator assessment, 70% of tattoos showed at least 75% clearance after 5 treatments
  • Treatments were well tolerated with minimal complications
  • High subject satisfaction and comfort associated with treatment