Hair removal with a second generation broad spectrum intense pulsed light source − A long term follow up study

Several women were treated with 600 to 950nm on their bikini areas. Hair counts and discomfort were both assessed after four IPL treatments.

PubMed Reference:Troilius A, Troilius C. J Cutan Laser Ther. 1999 Sep;1:173-8.

Study Details:

  • 10 females (mean age 31±9.2 years) with dark blond to dark hair and Fitzpatrick skin types II-IV were treated with 600-950 nm (HR applicator) on both sides of the bikini areas (20 bikini lines)
  • 4 IPL treatments at 4- to 5-week intervals: 48 x 10 mm spot size, 44.5 ms pulse duration, train of 4 pulses with 10 ms spaced by 1.5-ms intervals, mean fluence 18.3±3.3.0 J/cm2
  • Hair counts of a 25 x 25 mm area, using a computer imaging system (Mirror Image Software System)
  • Subject pain / discomfort with treatment assessed using a visual analog scale (0=no pain to 10=maximally imaginable pain)

Study Results:

  • Average clearances of 74.7% and 80.2% at the 4-month and 8-month follow-ups, respectively; no statistical difference between follow-ups
  • ~70% of subjects experienced excellent (75-100%) hair reduction
  • 2 of the subjects suffering from folliculitis at baseline experienced complete improvement after the 1st treatment
  • All subjects experienced smoother texture of the skin and lighter thinner type of hair after treatment
  • Thicker hair had a slower response than thinner hair
  • Average pain score of 3 on the lateral sides and 5 on the medial areas
  • 2 subjects developed small blisters, which healed within 1 week without scarring
  • No pigmentary changes