Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of fractional bipolar radiofrequency with high-energy strategy for treatment of acne scars in Chinese

PubMed Reference:Qin X, Li H, Jian X, Yu B. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2015 Oct.

Study Details:

  • 26 Asian patients with acne scars 
  • 4 monthly (85-95mj/pin) treatments with fractional bipolar RF 
  • Improvement and tolerance evaluated at each treatment and at the 4-week and 12-week follow-up visit.

Study Results:

  • Acne score showed a significant decrease at 4-week and 12-week follow-up visits
  • Patient evaluation of global improvement and satisfaction increased at the 12-week visit compared with baseline
  • Side effects were limited to transient pain, erythema, dryness and low risk of PIH (less than with fractional lasers).