Efficacy of the carbon dioxide fractional laser in the treatment of compound and dermal facial Nevi using with dermatoscopic follow-up

A large group of female and male patients with facial nevi were treated with a CO2 laser. After a one-year follow-up a large majority of patients and physicians had GAS scores rated as good-excellent.

PubMed Reference: Köse O. J Dermatolog Treat. 2018 Sep 26:1-18.

Study Details:

Study Population
330 patients (210 females, 120 males) with 684 facial nevi - pigmented, elevated, with brown or skin color, papular or nodular shape and 2–10 mm in diameter.

Study Design
CO2 laser treatments performed at 2-month intervals until complete clearance observed dermatoscopically:

  • 3–10 ablative passes with square pattern, 30% overlap, energy 4-6 mJ and fluences of 20-35 J/cm2
  • Global Assessment Scale (GAS) scores used to assess the overall results.

Study Results:

554 nevi (81%) successfully treated in 1 session, 89 (13%) in 2 sessions, 34 (5%) in 3 sessions and 7 (1%) in >3 sessions. The majority of side effects were mild and transitory. No serious side effects observed. At the 1-year follow-up, patients' (87%) and physicians' (85%) GAS scores were rated as good-excellent.