Efficacy of 595nm pulsed dye laser therapy for Mibelli angiokeratoma

This study examined the treatment of patients Mibelli angiokeratoma using a Vbeam. Moderate improvement to full clearance was exhibited in an overwhelming percentage of lesions with moderate side effects.

PubMed Reference:Su Q, Lin T, Wu Q, Wu Y, Guo L, Ge Y. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2015 Feb.

Study Details:

  • 50 patients with Mibelli angiokeratoma (cutaneous lesion of capillaries).
  • Vbeam parameters: pulse duration of 10ms, spot size of 7 mm, energy fluency 12-13.5 J/cm2with 10% overlapping pulses and DCD cooling.
  • Up to 4 treatments repeated at intervals of 4-6 weeks until the lesion was cleared, or the patients discontinued the treatment.
  • Investigator and subject assessment at ~3 months after treatment, using a 4-point scale: no change or mild improvement, 0-30%; moderate improvement, 30-60%; significant improvement, 60-95% and fully recovered, 95-100%.

Study Results:

  • 92% of lesions had at least moderate improvement to full clearance.
  • 80% showed significant or full clearance.
  • Most common skin effect was purpura and edema, which usually lasted for 12h to several days.
  • Temporary pigment changes were not commonly seen after treatment. No scarring or skin atrophy was observed.