Dual wavelength treatment protocol with a picosecond laser for the reduction of facial wrinkles

Women with bilateral facial wrinkling in perioral and periorbital regions were treated with a Resolve 1064nm and 532nm handpieces. A blind assessment by two dermatologists showed a majority of subjects had at least a one-point improvement on the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle and Elastosis scale.

PubMed Reference:Gold MH. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2018 Jun 8:1-5. doi: 10.1080/14764172.2018.1481514.

Study Details: 

  • 20 subjects (19 females; mean age 55±7 years, Fitzpatrick Skin Types II-IV) with bilateral facial wrinkling (mean Elastosis Score (ES) 5.7±0.9) in the perioral and periorbital regions
  • 4 treatments at 1-month intervals with Resolve 1064nm handpiece (2 passes to full face) followed by 2 passes with the Resolve 532nm handpiece to the full face
  • 2 blinded dermatologists reviewed the digital clinical images and assigned a score for the full face, using the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle and Elastosis scale (1=mild elastosis to 9=severe elastosis) at 12 weeks after the 4th treatment

Study Results: 

  • Blinded assessment showed 75% of subjects had at least 1-point improvement
  • Blinded assessment correctly identified 75% (15/20) of the baseline images
  • Investigator improvement rate was 100%, with a statistically significant mean ES improvement of 2.1±0.8 points compared to baseline assessment (p < 0.001)
  • Transient erythema and edema associated with treatment, resolving within several hours. 1 case of mild purpura and no pigmentary changes, blistering or scarring