Peer-Reviewed Publication Comparison of 1064nm and Dual Wavelength (532/1064nm) Picosecond‐Domain Nd:YAG Lasers in the Treatment of Facial Photoaging: A Randomized Controlled Split‐Face Study

Mengli Zhang, Yuqing Huang, Qiuju Wu, Tong Lin, Xiangdong Gong, Hao Chen, Yan Wang

A randomized controlled split-face study was done in China, 20 subjects with skin type III - IV were treated randomly with 1064nm or 532/1064nm. A total of 5 treatment sessions were performed. The global photoaging scores were determined by two physicians who were blinded to the treatment. In conclusion, both of the treatments were comparably effective at improving photodamaged facial skin by remodeling the collagen and elastin network through laser-induced optical degradation and vascular damage.