Clinical studies of the treatment of facial atrophic acne scars and acne with a bipolar fractional radiofrequency system

PubMed Reference: Kaminaka C, et al. J Dermatol. 2015 Apr 9.

Study Details:

  • 23 Japanese patients with atrophic acne scars and mild to severe acne on both cheeks 
  • 5 fractional RF treatments at 1-month intervals
  • Assessments of scar severity and the number of acne lesions and 3-D in vivo imaging analysis at 3 months after final treatment

Study Results:

  • Improvement in scar volume was marked in patients with mild scars
  • Moderate or
  • Significantly fewer lesions compared with baseline
  • Patient assessment of treatment outcomes improved significantly 
  • Patient assessment of Quality of Life (QOL) improved significantly
  • Significant reductions in sebum levels, skin roughness & scar depth