Clinical evaluation and in vivo analysis of the performance of a fractional infrared 1550 nm laser system for skin rejuvenation

This study involved women between the ages of 44 and 71 years, with visible wrinkles and/or dyspigmentation, who had two full-face treatments performed at a four-week interval. All of the subjects demonstrated improvement in monitored parameters.

PubMed Reference:Tidwell WJ, et al. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2018 Aug 24:1-4.

Study Details:

  • 5 female subjects between the ages of 44 and 71 years, with visible wrinkles and/or dyspigmentation
  • 2 full-face treatments were performed at a 4-week interval: 40-60 mJ/microbeam, 3 passes, 20% total surface coverage
  • Follow-up visits at 1 and 3 months posttreatment
  • Assessment of improvement were performed by the investigators and 2 blinded evaluators, using a 6-point global improvement scale (-1=worse, 0=no change, 1=slightly improved, 2=improved, 3=much improved and 4=very much improved)

Study Results:

  • All subjects demonstrated improvement in all monitored parameters
  • Mean improvement scores were: wrinkles 1.6, skin texture 1.8, and pigmentation 1.7 (all statistically significant)
  • Treatments were well tolerated (mean pain score of 4.2 on a 0=no pain to 10=worst possible pain scale)& very little downtime noted by patients
  • No serious side effects or adverse events
  • Biopsy was performed on 1 patient immediately post-treatment and showed 800 μ penetration depth at a treatment level of 88 mJ and 400 μ at 44 mJ