Blinded, randomized, quantitative grading comparison of minimally invasive, fractional radiofrequency and surgical face lift to treat skin laxity

Mild to severe facial rhytids were treated with fractional RF. The majority of the 15 subjects saw improvement and showed satisfaction with their treatment.

PubMed Reference:Alexiades-Armenakas M, Rosenberg D, Renton B, et al. Arch Dermatol. 2010 Apr;146:396-405.

Study Details:

  • 15 subjects with mild to severe facial rhytids treated with fractional RF (FRF)
  • Single pass treatment (temp. 62 to 78°C, 3-5 sec energy, impedance 300 - 2,000 Ohms)
  • 5 evaluators - blinded assessment of photos compared with 6 sets of surgical face-lifts

Study Results:

  • Average improvement was 37% of surgical face-lift
  • 93% patient satisfaction with FRF treatment
  • Mean rating of moderate improvement for rhytids by patient assessment
  • Transient side effects with return to normal activities within 24 hours
  • Surgical face-lift group experienced scarring and other side effects with 7-10 days downtime