Alexandrite laser for the treatment of port wine stains refractory to pulsed dye laser

PubMed Reference: Tierney EP, Hanke CW. Dermatol Surg. 2011 Sep.

Study Details:

  • 8 subjects (4 males, 4 females, mean age 36.4 years) with facial PWS refractory to PDL (mean of 25.9 treatment sessions with PDL over 8 years)
  • 2-4 treatment sessions (mean 2.6), at 6- to 8-week intervals, with the GentleLase 755-nm ms pulsed Alexandrite laser (MSPAL)
  • 40-60 J/cm2, 8 to 12 mm spot size, a 3-msec pulse width, DCD cooling
  • 2 blinded dermatologists evaluated degree of improvement in skin color, skin texture, and overall clinical outcome, using a quartile scale.

Study Results:

  • Mean severity scores decreased significantly after treatment with 60.0% improvement in skin texture, 56.3% in skin color and 59.4% overall improvement
  • Results were similar for hypertrophic and nodular PWS
  • Postoperative purpura and edema resolved within 1 week of treatment
  • No blister formation, crusting, dyspigmentation, or scarring.