1064-nm Nd:YAG laser ameliorates LL-37-induced rosacea-like skin lesions through promoting collagen remodeling in BALB/c mice

Several mice with rosacea-like clinical features were treated with LPND (GentleMax). After two days, skin samples showed reduced erythema and telangiectasia and increased dermal collagen production.

PubMed Reference:Kim M, Kim J, Jeong SW, Jo H, Park HJ. Lasers Med Sci. 2018 Feb;33:393-397. 

Study Details:

  • 40 7-week old female BALB/c mice were injected intradermally twice a day for 2 days with LL-37 to induce rosacea-like clinical features
  • 15 of the 40 mice were treated with LPND (GentleMax): 35 J/cm2, 50-ms pulse duration, and 10-mm spot size
  • After 48 hours, the excised skin sample was stained with H&E and with Masson's trichrome stain for collagen.

Study Results:

  • LPND treatment significantly reduced erythema and telangiectasia
  • LPND treatment increased dermal collagen production 
  • Levels of Type I collagen, TGF-β, and MMP-1 mRNA were significantly higher in LPND-treated mice than in untreated mice.