Top 10 tips on growing your laser beauty clinic

Remember when aesthetic treatments used to be a taboo topic?1 Those days are past now, with people not only embracing them but also speaking freely about their experiences (and encouraging others to try them out). As we add diets and workout regimes to our lifestyles in pursuit of physical perfection, is it any wonder the demand for aesthetic treatments has grown by 5.4% between 2017 and 2018?2

In 2018, 12,659,147 non-invasive cosmetic treatments were performed globally, in comparison to 10,607,227 traditional cosmetic surgeries.3 Rapidly-advancing new technology has motivated many to choose non-invasive cosmetic treatments over traditional cosmetic surgery. And thanks to the rise of media influencers and increasing disposable income in APAC, people are more inclined to explore their options to achieve the look they desire. Medical spa treatments are no longer for women anymore. Men are seeking treatments like laser hair removal, and in some regions of the world they even outspent women on beauty treatments.4

The demand for aesthetic treatments at Medical spas looks to be on track to hit the predicted US$50.5b by 2027.5

Beauty Clinics, like all other businesses, aim to expand their clientele list and earn profit. But how does a Medical spa differentiate itself from competitors? What is the best way for Medical spa owners to grow and gain market share in an increasingly competitive industry? Read our 10 easy tips a clinic owner can implement to scale their business.

Highlights of Top 10 Tips include

  1. Considerations for expanding your services
  2. Choosing your device partner
  3. Brand management consistency
  4. Growth strategies by investing in employees
  5. Getting to know your customers
  6. Educating your customers
  7. Keeping track of data and trends
  8. Staying updated with new innovations
  9. Trying new software
  10. Create the perfect relaxation scenario