Set Your Practice Up for Success

Whether your practice is starting out or ready to advance to the next level, Candela has the marketing resources, tools, and training you need to launch, grow or expand your business!

In our Practice Playbook, we’ve broken down how to market your Candela treatments into easy-to-follow steps to get new patients in the door and appointments booked. The materials and strategies outlined in this playbook range from basic to advanced, and have been developed to ensure easy adaption and integration into every practice, regardless of specialty, location or staff experience.

What’s included in the Candela Practice Playbook:

  • Tips for developing a marketing plan
  • Promotional plans and themes worksheet
  • Telephone tips
  • Phone scripts
  • Planning guide for special events
  • Patient event worksheet
  • Weekly incoming call tracker
  • Mastering the patient consult
  • Monthly consultation report
  • Procedure bundling & worksheets