Vbeam | Candela’s first manufactured pulse dye laser


The Vbeam® device is Candela’s first manufactured pulse dye laser. The pulse dye laser is the first laser developed off of the concept of selective photothermolysis.  The Vbeam® system utilizes a 595nm wavelength. Highly absorbed by hemoglobin, the 595 wavelength is ideal for treating vascularity of the face (i.e. facial telangiectasias or small dilated blood vessels), spider veins of the legs, overall diffuse redness, Port Wine Stains and is also efficient at treating pigmented lesions and may improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. 

The Candela Vbeam® laser utilizes a 595 nm wavelength, the ability to adjust pulse durations according to the size of the vessel targeted, and delivers 8 subpulses in a single pulse when the duration is 6 ms or longer. Other devices used to treat vascular lesions do not emit optimal wavelengths in order to damage vascular lesions or are unable to deliver the desired pulse duration.  With the varying pulse duration and the delivery of subpulses into one pulse, this allows for effective energy delivery and decreases the risk of bruising. Due to the fact that Oxyhemoglobin’s absorption peaks at 418, 542 and 577 nm, this means that at 595 nm the laser can efficiently target and destroy the red, oxygen rich blood. The 595 wavelength is long enough to target deeper vessels and short enough to target more superficial vessels. 

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