Top 5 ways to keep your practice productive during a shutdown

COVID-19 has upended everyday life around the world and forced countless businesses to close their doors for the immediate future. If your practice is feeling the effects of COVID-19, try your best to consider it a great opportunity to improve and be ready for your inevitable reopening. Explore these 5 areas to stay productive during a slowdown in traditional business.

Get Savvy With Video

Video can go a long way to show potential customers what your business can do. And you can create simple, but professional-looking videos simply by using an iPhone. Highlight before-and-after images of the aesthetic procedures and treatments that you offer. Go into detail about your services and what they entail. Explain to prospective clients, and existing ones, everything that they should expect when they choose a procedure. You can use this valuable marketing information on your social media channels, in email campaigns or on your website. You'll benefit from the work for years to come.

Get Clever with Revenue

Ideally, you have some finances set aside for tough times. But if you need some income, try to gain some by getting paid now for services you can offer when you're back open. Gift cards are a great way to bring in some much-needed revenue now. You can also offer specific prepaid services at a discount to provide cash flow to your business and value to your clients.

Stay Connected to Your Clients

Don't underestimate the value of connection. Your clients are no doubt uneasy and confused about the situation. Send them a reassuring email or two during this time. It doesn't have to be marketing-specific or even about your practice. Be conversational and caring. This bit of thoughtfulness will certainly pay off in terms of client loyalty when things are back up and running.

Take a Look at Your Process

Again, having some free time gives you an excellent opportunity to step back and take a look at how you do business. Are there procedures that you can streamline or efficiencies that you're not taking advantage of? Meet with your staff and brainstorm ideas on how your practice can run more smoothly, and figure out ways to implement these procedures.

Time for Training

It's always a good time to learn. Take the time to invest in your future with continuing education. Encourage your staff to do the same.

Downtime like this (presented by the COVID-19 quarantine) is a perfect time to catch up on continuing education and level up your skillset.
Bill Brandon, Candela's Nordlys Clinical Instructor and Nurse Manager

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Overall, stay safe and be well!