The picosecond handpiece that masters the art of balance

The expanding portfolio of PicoWay system applicators now includes the 730 nm wavelength handpiece, FDA-cleared for treatment of benign pigmented lesions and blue and green tattoo removal.1 The hallmark of the 730 nm handpiece is its precise balance between an optimized wavelength (730 nm) and the shortest pulse durationa (a remarkable 250 ps), allowing it to efficiently target pigment while minimizing risk of hypo- or hyperpigmentation and impact on surrounding tissues.2,3

Remove boldly.

  • 730 nm Optimized Wavelength
    • The 730 nm has highly targeted melanin absorption, with 14% more melanin absorption than the competitive 755 nm picosecond wavelength4

Treat lightly.

  • 250 ps Shortest Pulse Durationa
    • The 730 nm applicator has the shortest pulse durationa to reduce thermal impact and boost photoacoustic effect.5
    • It enjoys a 66% shorter pulse duration (250 ps) compared to the competitor’s 750 ps pulse duration for their 755 nm wavelength.6
  • The 730 nm wavelength has less hemoglobin absorption than other wavelengths with a melanosome to blood absorption ratio of <50:1, allowing more targeting of browns and less unintended targeting of reds.4

The 730 nm handpiece is an ideal complement to your existing PicoWay system handpieces or an excellent addition for your customized PicoWay system purchase.

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