Laser safety

Laser systems utilize a high power voltage supply, requiring high voltage connections. It is important to remember that due to this, lasers can cause fires. It is vital that lasers are nowhere near explosive materials. To avoid any accidental firing of the laser, always remember to put the laser into standby mode when the laser is not actively being fired. 

Lasers can induce ocular or retinal (eye) damage. Always remember to wear eye protection when firing lasers or any devices that use light therapy. To protect both the practitioner’s eyes and the patient’s eyes, proper eye wear is critical. Practitioners should make sure that the right eyewear is worn during treatments. This is done by looking at the eyewear and making sure that the wavelengths or broadband spectrum and proper optical density is written on the goggles. 

Laser light does scatter. It is important to remember to keep the treatment area clean of any flammable items- i.e. dry gauze, black clothing, etc. 

During treatments, patient doors should be labeled with a warning sign stating that treatment is in progress and/or which wavelength is currently being used to treat. Goggles may be left on the door handle that protect eyes against the device that is currently in use.

For all other laser safety requirements, please refer to the American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers.