Laser device maintenance for aesthetic clinics

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A premium laser device for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes is a great—and necessary—investment for beauty and laser clinics. However, like many physical assets, it also comes with costly risks that beauty and laser clinic owners need to be wary of.

Laser device maintenance is crucial to a beauty and laser clinic’s longevity. Proper maintenance ensures that the investment will remain fruitful for years to come. It will also help owners avoid financial and reputational damage.

The risks of an improperly maintained laser device

A laser device is like any other device: it requires regular maintenance for proper operation and safety. Without proper laser device maintenance, it may cause a malfunction of the device during treatment. This can lead to inaccurate delivery of the laser to the patient’s skin, causing an undesired outcome.

Worse still, laser malfunction can potentially cause damage to the eyes1 and skin of patients, clients, and equipment users. This is the most threatening risk of all. Clinics that harm their patients, even accidentally, can get tied up in long legal battles and endless insurance claims. Health-related damage can ruin lives and businesses.

But even if bodily accidents do not occur, laser malfunction may accidentally ignite certain gases on fabrics, making them a fire hazard. A short circuit in the device can cause the device to produce smoke—which is frightening and, in some cases, life-threatening.

Nobody wants to go to a beauty clinic and come out with an injury. No staff wants to work at a clinic to be exposed to hazards of electricity, fire, and smoke. Many of these risks can be avoided simply by investing in proper laser device maintenance and prevention, rather than treating errors and malfunctions.

The basics of laser device maintenance

Like any other machine, laser devices are not exempt from basic machine maintenance2. These consist of a few things. Some obvious ones are visual inspection and cleanliness. Clinics need to inspect their laser device regularly to see if anything is unusual.

Devices must be kept clean, free of dirt and debris that may disrupt the functioning of the device. You must check the dust filter on a regular basis, and replace it as needed. You will also need to make sure that the handpiece and slider windows are clean. The chiller hose—for devices with one—must always be kept clean.

Additionally, clinics need to have their laser devices calibrataed and aligned. The energy output must be checked frequently, before and after usage. This is crucial to make sure the device works as intended with the proper precision and energy levels.

Some devices utilize a coolant agent such as cryogen. For such devices, we need to make sure that the coolant is centered and covering the laser beam. Otherwise, this may affect the precision and quality of the beam.

And finally, the most essential element is the lens. A laser device is a primarily optical device. Therefore, if the lens is dirty, the laser will cease to work properly. A regular inspection of the lens is crucial. Inspection must be done in a clean area to prevent further contamination.

A dirty lens requires cleaning right away. If you find damaged optics, you must take care to replace them as soon as possible.

Further guidelines and standards of laser device maintenance

A laser device for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes is categorized as medical equipment. Therefore, laser device maintenance should follow the WHO Medical Equipment Maintenance Programme Overview3. WHO does not specifically outline the usage of laser devices for beauty and laser clinics. However, it does outline that the device’s lasers need to be properly monitored with the proper service tools and test equipment.

Lasers require a laser power/energy meter. While lasers in beauty clinics are not as intense, clinics would do well to observe and inspect the quality of the beam on a regular basis. To do this, one can use a black laser paper to verify the roundness and homogeneity of the beam and avoid any clipping or hotspots appearing.

Aside from international standards, business owners need to pay careful attention to local safety standards. In Canada, for example, laser equipment maintenance also needs to follow CSA standards4. Beauty and laser clinics in Canada require a certified Laser Safety Officer or a Laser Safety Committee to conduct regular laser device maintenance and inspection.

Lastly, you can contact your device manufacturer to get specific guidelines on the best ways to maintain and care for your devices. No laser machine is created equally, and your device’s manufacturer will be able to educate you about your machine’s specific nuances, elongating the device’s lifespan as much as possible.

Candela’s commitment to your success

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Laser device maintenance is no easy task. Fortunately, there are simple steps that clinic owners can take to ensure the longevity of their devices. Conducting visual inspection, maintaining the cleanliness of all components, and observing the quality of the beam are all things that must be done regularly.

Clinics must also observe the international and local safety standards of where they operate. Laser devices must be tested with equipment that follows WHO standards. For countries and regions where a certified Laser Safety Officer or Committee is required, clinics are not advised to maintain their devices without them.

Following all of these steps will ensure the safety of patients and everyone else using the equipment. It will prevent the clinic from incurring potential losses due to damage and injury. Having a well-functioning premium laser device will optimize its usage and longevity, giving you a higher return.

To make the best of your investment in Candela’s premium laser device, Candela is committed5 to assisting you throughout the partnership. Our state-of-the-art care sets us apart from other manufacturers. We provide comprehensive support from Candela-certified field engineers. We supply you with genuine parts and all the consumables and accessories you might need throughout the course of your business.

Our support lasts for the lifetime of your device to make sure you achieve maximum uptime and performance. Together, we will build a partnership that will ensure the quality of services you can provide to your customers.